Paving My Driveway Again

How To Patch And Sealcoat

by Minnie Larson

If you have an asphalt driveway on your property, it might be manageable to repair it yourself. That is, small scale asphalt repair can be an easy to handle DIY job, but large repairs need to be tackled with heavy duty machines. Since most homeowners don't have that much asphalt on their property, it is usually not that difficult to repair cracks and reseal the surface. This article explains the cheapest and easiest way to repair asphalt cracks and apply a sealcoat finish.

Prepping Before Sealcoat

Some people make the mistake of applying a sealcoat finish without doing any patch or prep work. A sealcoat will make your surface look nice in black, but it is not going to repair your cracks. Sealcoat is very thin, it is like a gel. So, by the time it dries, it is just a fraction of an inch thick, and it offer very little in the form of protection or asphalt reinforcement. It is more of a cosmetic layer. If you apply a sealcoat over your existing cracks, it will probably crumble after just a few weeks. So, you need to invest in a separate crack filling solution that you apply before the sealcoat.

Crack Filler

Asphalt crack filler is a sticker, heartier, rubbery solution that you squeeze out of a tube. It is thick and sticky to work with, so you need to use a plastic blade putty knife and wear disposable rubber gloves.The patch is premixed, so it is really just a matter of spreading it, and trying to blend in with the asphalt without creating a lumpy surface.

Once you've done this, applying the sealcoat finish over the top should be equally easy. You will always need much more sealcoat to cover your entire surface, so it is sold in large, 5 gallon buckets. The best technique is to just pour a large amount of the liquid onto your asphalt and then they use large squeegees to spread it around. Neither of these jobs are complicated, but they are messy and the chemicals can be smelly.

So, while it is not the most glamorous work, it is definitely worthwhile because your asphalt looks so much nicer if it is patched and sealcoated. You will need to reapply your sealcoat every 5 to 10 years to bring back the rich black color. But, it can greatly contribute to the look of your property, so it is worth it. For more information, contact companies like Virginia  Asphalt Services Inc