Paving My Driveway Again

How To Change Your Yard's Paved Surface To Improve Your Backyard Experience

by Minnie Larson

Paving in your yard, whether made of asphalt or concrete provides your home with outdoor space for many activities all year. To help improve upon and accentuate the appearance of your paved areas, here are some concrete finishing services for your concrete and asphalt paved surface.

Lighten Your Asphalt

Your asphalt provides you with a smooth and mud-free surface for parking and outdoor activities, but its color can cause the area to become uncomfortably hot during the summer months. Because asphalt is naturally black in color, its surface will absorb the heat from the sun to become quite hot to the touch and make the air above it warmer than the surrounding surfaces. In fact, asphalt can continue to release heat well into the night after a hot summer day, creating a "heat island" of trapped heat in your yard.

Fortunately, you can have your asphalt coated in a water-based sealant made from an asphalt emulsion to lighten its color considerable from black to a light grey. This type of cool sealant prevents heat absorption on your asphalt's surface to make the surface cooler in the air and on its surface and to the touch. It also has reflective qualities to reflect light back from its surface and because it is lighter in color, it improves visibility at night in your yard. Applying this type of treatment also seals your asphalt, similar to a protective seal coating application, but with a much longer life.

Talk to a professional asphalt company about this type of treatment to your asphalt paved surface. It is durable to seal and protect your asphalt, helping it last and maintain its surface integrity.

Stain Your Concrete

Concrete is also not exempt from having its surface changed to another color, as there are a variety of colors and methods to stain, paint, or dye your concrete. A concrete coloring treatment can make your once-plain white concrete into a rich mocha or teal-colored surface, for example. And if your asphalt has had many years of use and is showing signs of it with rust and other stains, you can use a concrete stain to conceal its imperfections.

You can even use stains and dyes to change the surface of your concrete to give it the appearance of cobblestones, brick, or marble. Talk to a local concrete professional about your options and what look you want to add to the surface of your yard's concrete surface.