Paving My Driveway Again

Own A Business? Why You Need To Have Your Asphalt Parking Lot Patched

by Minnie Larson

If your asphalt parking lot has seen better days, and it's filled with potholes and cracks, it's time to have it patched. The last thing you want to do is wait until your parking lot is beyond repair. That will leave you facing more problems than you need. Instead, take the time to have those potholes and cracks repaired right now. Here are just three of the benefits you'll receive by having the defects in your asphalt patched right now.

Keep Your Potential Liability Under Control

When you own a business, you're responsible for any injuries your customers sustain while on your property, including in the parking lot. Those potholes are a personal injury claim just waiting to happen. All it takes is for someone to fall in a pothole and break their ankle, and you've got a personal injury lawsuit on your hands. You can avoid those personal injury claims by repairing potholes and cracks as soon as you notice them.

Prevent Soil Erosion

If you've got potholes and cracks in your parking lot that you haven't repaired, you could be at risk for soil erosion. You see, potholes and cracks allow water to seep through to the soil below. As the soil becomes saturated, it becomes unable to support the asphalt above. As a result, the soil begins to erode. Unfortunately, once the soil begins to erode under your parking lot, you could end up with sink holes and other significant damage. Unfortunately, it's much more expensive to repair damage caused by soil erosion than it is to patch potholes and cracks in your parking lot. You can prevent soil erosion damage by taking care of the damage before erosion becomes an issue.

Save Money on Parking Lot Replacement

One of the problems with minor asphalt damage is that it doesn't stay minor for long. Over time, small potholes and cracks become a much bigger problem. Eventually, the damage becomes so significant that the only option left is to replace the entire parking lot. When that happens, you're going to be looking at a massive outpouring of cash that could be put to better use elsewhere in the business.

You've invested a lot of time and money into your business. Make sure you protect that investment by giving your parking lot the care it needs. Don't get stuck with the cost of a parking lot replacement. Have an asphalt contractor come out and patch the problems while you still have that option available to you.