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Concrete Colors, Textures, And Polishes

by Minnie Larson

Concrete surfaces, though durable and low maintenance, aren't always the most stylish. That is, many people see concrete as a functional, but not aesthetically pleasing material. However, this is not completely true. There are many ways that concrete can be beautified. This article shows how concrete can be customized with textures and tints to make it look much more stylish and unique.

Concrete Colors are Subtle but Stylish

Concrete colors are usually very subtle and neutral in tone. Earth tones are the most common colors. That is, the finishes are usually just tinted stains, so you can see and feel the concrete texture. It is far different from actually painting the concrete with a solid color. But, even such a subtle coloring can be a major aesthetic improvement over normal concrete. This is particularly attractive to homeowners who want to install pathways, sidewalks, and driveways that look a little homier. Even a subtle tint is going to make concrete look a little more natural and stylish. This is particularly true if your concrete tint matches with the colors of the retaining walls, fences, and the rest of your house. Together, these coordinating style elements can create a more cohesive look.

Concrete Textures are Fun and Useful

But, if you want to make your concrete even more stylish, you should consider textured finishes. Concrete textures are transferred on using large roller-style stamps. The roller will transfer texture onto the concrete as it is drying. These are purely cosmetic textures. They don't really affect the smoothness of the concrete. While they don't smooth out the concrete (or rough it up), concrete textures make it look unique. It is perfect for homeowners who don't just want a flat, rough concrete surface.

Many homeowners love to add a polished finished to their concrete. A polished concrete surface is not only going to be smoother and less porous, it is also going to be more resistant to staining and water damage. Polished concrete is usually easier to take care of in the long run because it doesn't absorb dirt stains. That is, it will be much easier to clean, rather it is a quick sweeping or a deep pressure washing clean. Basically, polished concrete is easier to own. Warning: it will be more slippery when it gets wet.

These are a few simple concrete upgrades can result in a major style improvement for any slab of concrete. These are perfect for people who just want to make the concrete around their home look more unique. To learn more, contact a company like T & A Paving.