Paving My Driveway Again

Improve Your Yard's Appearance With Landscaping And Pavement Clean-Up Tips

by Minnie Larson

The arrival of spring brings with it warmer temperatures, melting snow, and new growth of grass, flowers, and other vegetation. Unfortunately, when the snow and ice melts behind it reveals winter's dirt and damage to your pavement and your yard's landscaping, and brings with it weed growth. Here are some tips to help you get your front yard back to its well-kept condition and make your entire property look great.

Remove Weed Growth

One of the first tasks you can tackle early in the spring is to remove weed growth before it gets out of hand. Spring weeds will begin to sprout from cracks in and around your asphalt pavement, and pulling them with their entire root when they are young is an easy way to eliminate them. Doing this task while the soil is moist in the asphalt cracks and around the perimeter of your pavement will make it much easier. If the soil has dried out, use your garden hose to wet it before pulling up the weeds.

If there are any larger weeds or grasses growing left over from last year, use a garden trowel or the end of a screw driver to dig them from the cracks. Continue pulling weeds from your landscaping bedding and around trees where weeds are likely to grow. If you wait until weeds are mature later in spring and into summer, they can be much more difficult to remove.

Repair Pavement

Once you have removed the weed and vegetation growth from any cracks in the asphalt pavement, it is the perfect opportunity to patch and repair the surface of your aging pavement. Asphalt is made up of a tar emulsion combined with an aggregate gravel, which ages and dries out to form cracks. When left untreated, these cracks will grow and expand into larger cracks and potholes.

Clean out the cracks with a pressure washer, your garden hose, or a broom to remove all debris from the cracks, then fill each crack with an asphalt crack filler product. You can find asphalt repair products at a local home improvement store. Be sure to compress the asphalt into the crack, using either a hand tamp or the end of a wooden four-by-four fence post.

To complete your driveway repair and maintenance, you can restore the surface of your dried-out asphalt by having a professional asphalt company pour a sealcoating treatment. Then, complete these updates to your yard, trim back bushes, plant flowers, and add mulch to landscaped areas to make your yard look sharp.