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Keeping Your Crew Safe During Road Construction Projects

by Minnie Larson

When it comes to road construction, keeping your crew safe is essential. Following some key safety techniques can help ensure your project runs smoothly while keeping your workers safe from accidents. Here are some things you can do create a safe construction site.

Reflective Safety Gear

Keeping your workers clearly visible to oncoming motorists is essential for construction site safety. Keep plenty of reflective vests and shirts on-site for your crew to put on before getting to work. Make wearing these items a requirement to enter the work site to encourage safety in the work zone, and make sure they all wear brightly colored hard hats to ensure safety and visibility.

Traffic Control Signs

Your construction crew may need to direct traffic from time to time, whether they are moving heavy equipment across the road or are tackling work within the road lanes. Equip your construction site with stop and slow signs your designated traffic person can hold to keep traffic flowing safely and properly. You'll want to make sure that any signs you use comply with U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, as unauthorized signage may be more difficult for motorists to understand.

Road Construction Signage

Road construction signage is also important for job site safety. Traffic cones, light-up signage, and and signs indicating that motorists are entering a construction zone can all work to help ensure safety. Putting these signs up overnight when traffic is at a minimum can make it easier to set up your construction zone. Have a truck ready with extra cones and signs just in case you need to make adjustments to your sign layout as the project progresses.

Safety Coordinator

Assign one member of your crew to be in charge of safety at the construction site. He or she can check all signage before work begins each day to ensure nothing has been removed, and he or she can also determine how to control traffic each day. Your safety coordinator can also be in charge of making sure that every member of your crew is wearing approved safety equipment.

Remember that there are many other ways to keep your road construction crew safe. After all, it's not just motorists that your crew need to be on the lookout for. Proper eye and ear protection can help prevent injuries. Keeping an adequate supply of potable water can help your crew stay hydrated in hot weather conditions.

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