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How To Clean Concrete

by Minnie Larson

Cleaning concrete can be a little bit difficult. Of course, it depends on the severity of your stain, and how long it is been since you last cleaned it. Some stains, when left to soak into the concrete for years, become virtually impossible to remove. In some cases, the concrete cannot be fully cleaned, so it will need to be stained or dyed. This article explains the best methods for cleaning stained concrete, and what you can do if none of these cleaning methods work.

Using a Pressure Washer and Soap

Cleaning your concrete surface usually requires a little bit of hard work and elbow grease. That is, in one way or the other, you might need to do some scrubbing to help break down the dirt and remove it from the surface. One of the absolute best tools for cleaning concrete is a pressure washer. Many pressure washers have reservoirs that you can fill with soap in order to help break down the dirt. Pressure washing enables deep clean of dark so I'll stains on concrete.

Pressure washing also works great if your concrete is stained green from plants, or red from rust. Usually, with a pressure washer, you don't need to use anything else.


If there is some discoloration and staining that won't come off with just water and sub, you might need to use a more heavy duty cleaner. TSP, or trisodium phosphate, is one of the most popular surface cleaner. It helps to remove stubborn stains and build up that no amount of pressure can remove. Usually, you mix the TSP with water, scrub it onto the concrete, and let it soak in for amount of time. Once this breaks down the dirt for a bit, you can get the pressure washer out and start to wash it away.

Dying or Staining Your Concrete

If your concrete is just too dirty to clean, and you can't get results using a pressure washer, you can consider staining or dying it. Concrete dye is easy to apply, and it also has the added benefit of sealing your surface. By adding a layer of sealant on top of your concrete, you can waterproof it, and completely change the texture of the surface.

This means the concrete will be much easier to clean and less likely to get stained in the future. Obviously, concrete looks better when is kept clean, it will look newer and fresher if you use these techniques. Contact a company, like Circle Asphalt Paving, for more help.