Paving My Driveway Again

How To Keep Your Red Curbs Red

by Minnie Larson

Keeping your curbs freshly painted might be difficult, but is important, especially when it comes to legal issues. If your curb is faded and the colors cannot be clearly seen, you could be charged fines, and you could also have issues with people parking illegally. On private property, it is up to the building owner to repaint curbs and make sure they are up to code.

Curb Painting Is Cheap, So Don't Put it Aside

Curb painting is actually very affordable, but many business owners simply neglect to do it often enough. But, you don't want to do it yourself, because special paints and techniques are used to create a permanent finish. There a lot of ways that you can prevent your curb paint from rubbing off. This article explains how you can prolong the life span of a painted curb, no matter what color it is.

Don't Let the Paint Get Ground Off

One thing about painted curbs is that they can be attractive to people who ride scooters, roller blades, bikes, and skateboards. The paint makes the concrete smoother, so it grinds well under metal skateboard trucks. This grinding usually causes the paint to come off of the corner of the curb. The paint from the skateboard can also rub off onto the paint.

Skateboarders usually don't even need to use wax in order to grind a painted red curb. So, the first line of defense for any business owner is making sure to keep skateboarders (and others) off of the curb. You can use skateboard stopping devices that are screwed directly into the curb. But, these stopping devices are quite ugly and can be easily removed. When they are struck with a hammer, they usually pop right out of the concrete. Many skateboarders know this, and they might be tempted to do this so they can skate on your property.

Also, building owners usually don't like the way that the metal knobs look. They stick out, and they can also be a slight trip hazard for people walking on the curb. One great alternative is to have a paving company like Branche Industries add a granular finish to your painted curbs. By adding a rough surface, the paint is no longer desirable to skateboarders. The paint will be sticky, and it won't grind or slide as well.

Building owners don't have to worry about skateboarders always trying to play on their property if the curbs don't serve as slide and grind rails.