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Asphalt Is Great For Your Commercial Parking Lot Needs

by Minnie Larson

Asphalt paving is the best choice for commercial parking lots for a number of reasons. When an asphalt is maintained as it should be, it will have a new shiny look to it that makes the parking lot look more appealing. There are many other things that you want to know about, if you are contemplating going with asphalt for your commercial parking lot needs. Here are some things to think about.

Asphalt parking lots show the parking lines better

When you go with asphalt, the painted parking lines will really stand out. Dirt parking lots aren't good for creating parking lots with paint, and the paint won't be nearly as visible on concrete as it would be due to the blackness of the asphalt.

Along with lines for each spot, you are going to want to have painted lines indicating where the non-parking areas are, where the shopping cart return area is located, and arrows that help you to steer your customers through the parking lot in the right direction, so you can avoid accidents. You may want to choose to have reflective paint put on the asphalt, if you will be having customers come to your business during the nighttime, so the lines will be even more visible.

Asphalt should be sealed in accordance with the recommendations

Depending on where your business is located, you will need to have the asphalt sealed, when it is starting to fade and is showing signs of cracking. This can happen quickly in certain regions, such as where the temperatures get very hot or below freezing. When you seal the asphalt, it will be restored to that new-looking black color. You will need to repaint the lines, after the parking lot has been sealed and the sealant has dried completely.

Why asphalt is best for commercial parking lots is best

  • Asphalt is smoother to drive on
  • Asphalt doesn't have rocks or dirt that will chip car paint
  • Asphalt is very easy to clean
  • Asphalt is easier to walk on than other surfaces like dirt or gravel parking lots
  • Asphalt won't cause cars to get dusty and dirty
  • Asphalt does well in all different weather conditions
  • Asphalt is more flexible than other types of parking lot surfaces
  • Asphalt hides oil and grease drippings well
  • Asphalt can be swept or water blasted clean quickly and easily

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