Paving My Driveway Again

Three Paver-Style Options For Your Driveway

by Minnie Larson

A paver driveway can be much more visually appealing than a plain concrete or asphalt drive, particularly if it is in the front of your home where it has a major impact on your curb appeal. You have a lot of choices when it comes to pavers. While this choice does include things like the design, shape, and colors of the pavers, it also comes down to deciding on the type of paver you want to use. The following are the main types of pavers used for driveways.

Brick or Stone

Brick and stone pavers are typically what first comes to mind when someone thinks of a paver driveway. This type of driveway depends upon a sturdy base so that the pavers do not crack beneath the weight of a vehicle. Generally, this entails excavating the area by at least 2 feet, then tamping down the base soil well. This is followed by layers of sand and gravel, which are also well compacted. The pavers themselves can be dry fit onto this base, where they are then filled in with paver sand. The sand joints are then sealed so they stay in place. Another method is to set the pavers into a cement mortar, which will harden and secure the pavers.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers come in many varieties. The main feature they share is that rain and moisture can seep through them, thus making them permeable. Some varieties are similar to standard driveway pavers, but they are set into a grid device that holds the pavers in place, thus negating the need for filling the joints. Water then seeps through the open joints. There are also concrete pavers that have grid-like openings in them. These are set right into the ground, then grass or another durable groundcover is allowed to grow through the openings. The pavers prevent vehicle traffic on the drive from damaging the plants.

Stamped Concrete "Pavers"

Not all paver driveways are made from actual pavers. Stamped concrete can be used to create a drive that looks like it is made of pavers, but it has the solidity and durability of concrete. A concrete driveway is first installed, but then it is stamped with a design before it fully sets. This design mimics the shape of the paver of choice. It can resemble brick, cobblestone, or plain paving slabs. You can even have the concrete dyed so its color also mimics actual pavers.

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